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Map of Spa Belgium

Spa / September 4, 2017

Spa is connected to the Belgian railway network by a side line branching out in Pepinster from the Liege-Aachen line. Direct local trains connect Spa to Aachen and Verviers but not to Liege, and getting to Spa from most origins in Belgium by train requires at least one change of trains. One can of course also arrive by car, the journey from Brussels takes around 1.5 h.

Get around[edit]

  • Église Saint-Remacle. This ancient-looking church was built to closely follow late Roman style prevalent in the region, but was in fact only constructed in 1885. (
  • Bains de Spa. The old building of the city baths is now closed since 2005 and projects are underway to turn it into a luxury hotel. The actual baths are now in a modern facility in the woods. (
  • Pouhon Pierre le Grand. Spa's emblematic building houses the mineral water fountain named after the Russian Tsar Peter the Great, who visited the city in the 18th century and became a big fan of its healing and wellness qualities. (
Villa royale, now the seat of the city's museum
  • Musée de la ville d'eaux (Villa royale Marie-Henriette). The city museum collects artifacts of the history of Spa with focus on its springs and related developments. It is housed in a villa originally built for the Belgian queen Marie-Henriette in 1863. (
Aerial view of Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps