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Spa / October 13, 2016

Relaxing, calm, unique, Spa is a little haven hidden in the Belgian Ardennes, a village where you can get some altitude, either alone, as a couple or as a family. The reputation of the thermal baths is longstanding: the Romans used to go to this little village to enjoy the gentle qualities of the mineral water that flows there. Created in 1862, the thermal baths drew the most illustrious men of the age, from Victor Hugo to the Tsar of Russia. It is not by chance that, since then, the word "spa" has entered the language as way of referring to thermal baths and wellness facilities. Now, it is your turn to discover the curative virtues of fresh water, the pleasure of country walks in the Ardennes and the simple contentment of letting oneself be invigorated by the fresh air. To help you enjoy this time of getting away from it all, Radisson Blu brings you two elegant, luxury hotels. The Radisson Blu Balmoral Hotel in Spa is ready and waiting for you in the countryside, ten minutes from the city limits, with a very contemporary décor and a wonderful view of the valley. In the heart of the city, the Radisson Blu Palace Hotel in Spa is ideally located opposite the thermal baths, which you can get to directly by funicular railway. With its modern and stylish rooms, gym and cocktail bar, it will make an unforgettable holiday.

The Spa thermal baths
In 1863 Europe's first thermal baths facility opened in Spa, called Les Bains de Spa. These beneficial baths were operational for almost 150 years before being replaced, in 2006, by a new facility, Les Thermes de Spa. Located on the Annette and Lubin hill, you can get to them very easily from the Radisson Blu Palace Hotel, as they are only a direct funicular train ride away. Les Thermes de Spa are one of a kind in the whole world. More than 800 m² of indoor and outdoor pools, all fed by the waters of a spring named Clémentine. In this facility you will be looked after by qualified staff, and will have the chance to switch off from the daily round.
Walks in the Ardennes valley
Spa is located right in the heart of the Ardennes, which makes it a particularly good place to go walking. Setting out from the Radisson Blu Balmoral, you need only walk a few minutes to see the finest landscapes of the blue Ardenne. Take a walk around the wonderful Warfaaz lake. From March to December you will see fishermen there, and you can go out on pedalos too. Lac de la Gileppe, a little further away, is also worth seeing. Lastly, within Spa, you simply must walk the famous circuit in Parc des Sept Heures. It has remained unchanged since the 18th century, and is dotted with very fine 19th century buildings.
Spa casino
To go back to the days when Spa lay at the heart of a Europe which was all about empires and aristocratic diplomats, nothing comes close to a trip to the Spa casino. Located at Place Royale right opposite your Radisson Blu Palace Hotel, the casino is a real historic monument for the town: It offers a theatre, a library, reception rooms and a cultural centre, as well as the gambling saloons for the most intrepid. It is also possible to take a guided tour.
The historic springs
Owing to its long history and its place at the heart of the Europe of the 18th and 19th centuries, Spa has many historic monuments that are not to be missed. Go into the town centre to see the Pouhon Pierre-le-Grand, an iconic monument. Spa was able to become the spa town that it is today thanks to this spring. A stone's throw away, take a look at the visitors' book to see which celebrities have been there to recharge their batteries here before you. Your walk will be punctuated by many more springs and fountains.