Doing something positive: December 2010

ST Pancras to Belgium

It’s a huge city, but among the sprawling grandeur of its ancient streets, it’s the intimacy that makes Paris special. Find a tiny backstreet café for a quiet coffee (black, of course), don your shades and rub shoulders with the bohemian residents of the Latin quartier, or stop in at a neighbourhood bistro and experience the love that goes into Parisian cuisine.

And, naturally, if you’re looking for blockbuster tourist attractions, Paris has a few of those too. You may have heard of a certain very famous tower, but being popular doesn’t make it any less wondrous. The Eiffel’s 704 steps (or lifts, if you’re like us) take you to one of the world’s greatest views.
Fancy a little art? Well, there are art galleries, and then there is the Louvre. This is home to the best collection of masterpieces on the planet – hands down. Come and see what the fuss about the Mona Lisa is all about (and it’s free on the first Sunday of the month, too).

If you’re a shopaholic, Paris will give you your fix and then some. The Champs-Élysées is a never-ending nirvana of boutiques and designer shops, a place to find cutting edge fashion and timeless style alike.

And then there’s the food. Paris’ dining scene has a reputation that precedes it, and with good reason. Whether you’re into 3-Michelin-Star gastronomic exploration or simple, hearty fare, Paris does it better than anywhere else on the planet.

Our partnership with Eurostar puts the magic of Paris right on your doorstep. Just hop on a train at your local Virgin Trains station, change at St. Pancras, and you’ll be in the French capital before you can say “baguette”.