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Ticket Restaurant Belgium

TicketFinder, the mobile app to consult your Ticket Restaurant® card balance at any time and much more:

- Consult your transactions’ history : expenses and new fundings

- Check the validity of your electronic lunch vouchers

- Consult and use promotional offers

- Add a Ticket Restaurant® card of which you can also check the balance and transactions’ history

- Find restaurants and shops around you that accept the Ticket Restaurant® card, the Ticket EcoCheque® or the gift voucher Ticket Compliments®

- Contact Card Stop

- Contact the Helpdesk

What's New in Version 4.0

Home buttons corrections

Bug in the main screen
by torakaru

There is a bug in the user interface of the main screen. The top big button for "My account" gets shifted up and wrongly saw in an iPhone Plus. Can you fix it please?

by Paulito123

I get several "connection" errors while my connection is just fine for any other app. I can't check my balance status. The loading screen always pops up and redirects me back to the menu.

For me this app is not usable at all right now. Please fix this Edenred!
Thanks in advance.

It just doesn't work
by tbalthazar

Source: itunes.apple.com