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The Chemical and Materials Engineering programme educates students to become innovative engineers who will contribute to their profession and society. [+]

MSc in Chemical and Materials Engineering

This master is jointly organised by Vrije Universiteit Brussel in collaboration with Université Libre de Bruxelles, leading to a joint master's degree.

This master’s programme aims to train students to become engineers employable in fields such as the petrochemical and polymer industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, biotechnology, inorganic bulk chemistry, extractive metallurgy and the recycling industry. The programme encompasses two distinct profiles: Process Technology and Materials.

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In the Process Technology profile, the student is trained to operate in production units, consultant engineering firms and the environmental sector. The Materials profile covers production and development facilities for different types of materials. The master’s programme has a common core of 56 ECTS credits, ensuring a strong mutual interaction and integration between both profiles. The development of environmentally friendly and safe production processes for materials, the shaping and processing of materials into intermediate or finished products, and the optimal integration of materials in other disciplines are strongly related to the optimisation of environmentally friendly chemical processes in general.

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