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Regional Atmospheric Soaring Prediction
Boundary Layer Information Prediction MAP
The Netherlands, North Belgium and Northwest Germany

The atmospheric Boundary Layer (BL) is the vertical region above the surface within which air has been mixed by thermal or windshear eddies, i.e. the region where gliders, hanggliders and paragliders normally fly. The RASP BLIPMAP model is developed by Dr. John W. (Jack) Glendening and is a . A description of all parameters in German can be found here. If you have any remarks or questions, please email tomorrow at 06 UTC. For today and yesterday the results are available in 2 resolutions, 4 km ("coarse grid") and 1.3 km ("fine grid"). The area that's computed using the fine grid is much smaller than the area that's computed using the coarse grid. For tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, results are only available using the coarse (4 km) grid.
The results are available for today at 08:30 local time, for tomorrow at 09:30 and for the day after tomorrow at 10:30 at the latest and depending on the weather sometimes up till 30 minutes earlier. Animations have only been made for those parameters of which the legenda doesn't change througout the day. After midnight all results are copied to one day earlier. Due to this until 10:30 no results are available for the day after tomorrow. How actual the forecast is can be derived from the number of hours that is noted in each picture before the text "hrFcst@". This is the difference between the model starttime and the time at which the forecast is valid. If you have difficulties distinguishing colors then thishelps.