A residential building of 44 apartments in Brussels, Belgium

Apartments in Brussels, Belgium

Brussels / March 17, 2018

Brussels is like a page out of history with its well-preserved historic buildings, renowned museums, and memorable statues. It is a delicate blend of medieval elegance and modern efficiency. Take advantage of the city’s low-cost deals on rental houses, villas and condos and feel like you’ve stepped right into a fairytale! Take the kids to see Belgian cartoon characters on the city’s many murals, take pictures with the famous peeing boy fountain, and delight in a musical light show at the Grand Place. Experience the chocolate city first hand from the comfort of a rental house or vacation home and revel in the quiet sophistication of this intriguing metropolis.

Living stones

Once you get settled into your spacious, comfortable vacation home, take the family out for an afternoon stroll around the city to marvel at Brussels’ magnificent statues. Snap pictures of the Mannekin Pis on the corner of Eikstraat, the medieval guilds represented by 48 statues and the striking statues at The King’s Place. Be humbled by the exquisite décor of St. Hubert gallery and the Royal Residence. Compile your own photo gallery and share it right away with loved ones back home—Internet access comes standard with most rental houses, villas and condos.

Sweet surprise

Brussels is known for its production of one of the most beloved treats in the world: chocolate. It is also famous for its waffles and quality beer. Stock the kitchen of your rental home with these delicious traditional foods. Or sample the variety of chocolate and fruit beers at the restaurant La Mort Subite. With vacation rentals, you are not strangers in a strange country—you can live among the locals and share the tastes and traditions at the heart of Belgian culture.

Awaken the inner child

Haul the kids out of your vacation home, tuck away the key and pinkie swear to have tons of fun! Brussels offers the best places for everybody to let loose and have a great time. Meet Tin Tin at the Belgian Comic Strip Center, pet the dinosaurs at The Iguanodons of Bernissart, and watch marionettes put on a show at the Toone Theatre.

Fairytale holiday

Brussels is an ideal vacation destination, giving its visitors the best in architecture, art and entertainment all in one place. Make the most of your stay with a great vacation house or rental apartment and keep this city very close to your heart.

Source: www.tripadvisor.com