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Belgium by train

Train System / April 26, 2018

There are a number of train types in Belgium ready to transport you. The Belgium network is operated by NMBS/SNCB. Use the to check times for trains in Belgium.

Regional and intercity trains in Belgium

The main rail network in Belgium is made up of the following regional trains and intercity trains:

  • InterRegio trains connect regional destinations with cities like Antwerp and Brussels. You can also travel to Maastricht/Roosendaal (the Netherlands) or Luxembourg city.
  • InterCity trains link larger cities like Brussels, Antwerp and Liège. You can also travel to The Hague and Rotterdam (the Netherlands), Luxembourg city and Lille Flandres (France).
  • CityRail trains operate in the area surrounding Brussels.
  • Brussels Airport Express trains run between cities like Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels and Brussels Airport.

On the InterCity trains appear as "IC". InterRegio and CityRail trains appear in the timetable without an abbreviation. Reservations are not required for InterCity, InterRegio and CityRail trains. A supplement is required for the Brussels Airport Express.

International high-speed trains in Belgium

These high-speed trains operate to and from Belgium:

  • EuroCity trains link Brussels with Luxembourg, Strassbourg (France) and Basel (Switzerland).

EuroCity trains appear on the as "EC", Eurostar trains are listed as "ES", ICE as "ICE", Thalys as "THA" and TGV as "TGV". For EuroCity and ICE trains an advanced reservation is not necessary but we recommend you make them to ensure yourself a seat. Reservations are compulsory for Eurostar, Thalys and TGV trains.

Source: www.eurail.com