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Hotels Namur Belgium

Hotels / July 2, 2018

  • QL Robbe & Berking Silver Butter Knife 2014
  • Temple of taste
  • Own vegetable and kitchen garden

Pilgrimage for culinary contemplation

Chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre is a world citizen. He was born in Korea, studied pharmacy, Latin and Greek in Belgium and then became a sommelier and star chef. He knows how to distinguish flavours like no other. All this led to his apotheosis: L’air du temps. Located in a beautiful white farmstead built around a square courtyard in the fields of Liernu.

Taste, technique, a good feel for elegance and knowledge of first class regional products make L’air du temps what it is today: a temple of taste. The design of the restaurant is minimalistic and classy. The sommelier gladly pours surprising wines, but you can also choose the special non-alcoholic option with various flavoured waters.

The vegetable garden can be found on L’air du temps five hectares grand territory. About 400 different herbs, fruits and vegetables are grown here.