The 10 Most Beautiful Towns In Belgium

Most Beautiful Places in Belgium

Traveling to Belgium exposes you to images of lovely canals, medieval rooftops, tasty chocolates and beer as you check out the best places to visit in Belgium before you die. There is so much for visitors to experience in this great city, where the time appears to move much slower and the locals are welcoming and friendly to tourists.

From modern towns filled with glamorous galleries and designer shops to beautiful cobblestone streets boasting of native indulgences and museums. Visiting Belgium will open you up to new entertainment opportunities to make your holiday unforgettable. Do not let the moderately small size of this country fool you, Belgium has a lot of activities to do for every square mile compared to most other destinations on earth.

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Belgium is a very safe location for travellers and there currently no travel restrictions placed on tourists. In addition, this is a great location for travellers as it is a simple place to move around and most people speak English. The people are also very willing to help you out if you need assistance finding a specific place or just general directions.

The nation is separated into 2 ethnic regions, the Wallonia in the south and northern Flanders. An imaginary, east to west line that divides these ethnic regions bisects Belgium at Brussels, a location that both regions claim. Even though this is an important political conundrum faced by the Belgian people, it is inconsequential for the traveller.

Forget the Belgian politics and instead focus on the wealth of beautiful towns, culture and historic cities. Brussels is regarded as Europe’s capital city as it hosts the headquarters of NATO and European Union. There are also plenty of amazing festivals that will make your holiday more enjoyable. For a similar treat, you should consider checking out the best places to visit in Turkey before you die. For now let us take a look at the best places to visit in Belgium before you die.