How to get to anywhere Belgium for €7,90 (Go Pass Maastricht)

Train tickets to Belgium

Train System / June 11, 2018

Brussels Card

You’re ready to book? Time to get the sweetest deal in Belgium.

Belgium has one of Europe’s most extensive rail networks, making it a major hub for international train travel. Yet even in a premiere chocolate capitol such as this, we’ve made it easy to weigh your options. Simply fill out whatever information you know about the trip and we'll provide instant train choices and pricing. You’ll even be able to compare whether a more flexible country pass would be better than specific city-to-city tickets. Hey, you’re going to Belgium. Why not make the most of it without paying the most for it?

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And now something to make exploring the whole region just as tempting.

Why not build on your Belgium trip with a rail pass that will let you visit all the neighbors? It’s travel with great flexibility at minimum cost. There’s even the Benelux pass that combines travel through Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. How sweet is that?

Castle in BelguimExactly where can I go without a reservation?

Feel free to hop on and off Belgium and Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg) trains without reservations using your pass. But reservations are recommended when traveling on international trains outside of Benelux. And they are required when taking high-speed trains such as Thalys and TGV, or when traveling on an overnight train. Reservations are at an additional cost and can be requested within 90 days of your travel date.

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Brussels Half-Day City Tour

The Brussels Half-Day City Tour provides a guided bus tour of the famous sites including St. Michael’s Cathedral, Louise Square, the Royal Residence and more.