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Belgium Weather / February 10, 2018

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Practical information for travel to Belgium

Currency: EUR

Power voltage and socket type(s): 230V, plug types E and C.

Official religion(s)/Freedom of religion: Freedom of religion. 60% of the population is Roman Catholic, followed by atheist and agnostic citizens, other Christians, and Muslims.

Official languages and general knowledge of English: Dutch, French and German are the official languages. English is widely spoken.

Weather in Belgium

  • Weather in Belgium in January: January is on average the coldest month in Belgium, with minimum temperatures ranging between -5°C and 1°C and maximum temperatures between 0°C and 6°C. It’s also one of the wettest and darkest months, with around 19 days of rain and only 2 hours of sunshine per day. It doesn’t often snow in Belgium, but it could happen in January.
  • Weather in Belgium in February: Temperatures for February are about the same as for January, with an additional hour of sunshine each day. There’s an average of 16 days that get rain or snow.
  • Weather in Belgium in March: March can be a fickle month with the occasional lovely day, but temperatures still range between 2°C and 8°C. It starts raining more again, around 18 days, but we do get 4 hours of sunshine each day now.
  • Weather in Belgium in April: Temperatures rise to an average of 4°C to 12°C.hallerbos hyacint The weather is moody and we still get about 15 days of rain, with about 5 hours of sunshine every day.
  • Weather in Belgium in May: When we’re lucky, May produces some lovely and sometimes even hot days, but the average temperatures remain 8°C minimum and 16°C maximum. We now get around 7 hours of sunshine each day, but still 17 days of rain as well.
  • Weather in Belgium in June: The start of summer and things are looking up. Average temperatures rise to 12°C minimum and 20°C maximum, with 7 hours of daily sunshine but now “only” 14 days of rain.
  • Weather in Belgium in July: July is usually the best month in Belgium, with average temperatures around 14°C minimum and 22°C maximum. Often, we’ll have a few really hot days followed by a storm and then a few colder days, so always be prepared for varying weather conditions. There are 7 hours of sunshine and on average 14 days of rain.
  • Weather in Belgium in August: August is pretty good as well, with the average minimum temperature being 13°C and the average maximum temperature 22°C. Just like in July, things can turn around really quickly when the weather gets hot. We get a bit more rain,
    on average 15 days now, but still 7 hours of sunshine.
  • Weather in Belgium in September: Temperatures drop to an average minimum of 11°C and 19°C maximum in September with still 15 days of rain on average, but now only 5 hours of sunshine each day.
  • Weather in Belgium in October: It gets worse in October when temperatures drop even more to averages of 7°C minimum and 15°C maximum, with 17 days of rain and now only 4 hours of sunshine.
  • Weather in Belgium in November: November is often miserable, with around 20 rainy days and only 2 hours of daily sunshine.
    Temperatures range between an average minimum of 4°C and an average maximum of 9°C.
  • Weather in Belgium in December: We close the year with the second coldest and darkest month. December only gets 2 hours of daily sun and is soaked in 19 rainy days. Average temperatures are 1°C minimum and 6°C maximum. But hey, you can always go have a Glühwein at one of the many Belgian Christmas markets!