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World Map Showing Belgium

Beautiful Places In Belgium / December 8, 2021

Impressive simulations, special effects, projections, and fascinating information bring you face to face with merciless super storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods… From their birth to the aftermath for the surroundings and the ecosystem.

An adventurous discovery that is sure to stimulate all of the senses… because you may interpret STORMS in the broadest sense of the word.
You will literally experience everything for yourself via surprising simulations, projections, special effects, and unsuspected situations that are sure to throw the visitor off guard!
Edutainment at its finest!


Hurricane simulator

Experience one of the most powerful natural phenomena on earth in the latest Hurricane Simulator at the Storms expo on the Belgium Pier. See, feel, and place yourself in the middle of a hurricane with wind speed of up to 140 km per hour. Experience it 350 meters into the North Sea!

Interactive world – climate map

While you enjoy a warm summer day at the Belgian coast, another location somewhere on earth may be experiencing a flood or extreme freezing temperatures. Experience it “LIVE” with the large interactive world map showing your way around the climate in various other locations on earth.