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Brussels / March 20, 2019

Our course was given by this cool guy from Peru, whose name I've forgotten (I'm really sorry, because you are f**king awesome!). The experience was about how beer is made and where are the differences between them. We tasted 5 different kinds of beer and all had an individual smell and taste. The group of the experience was from all over the world. At Grand Place (the meeting point) we met a girl from California and a couple from Ireland. The group had also participants from Hungary, Asia, Spain and Germany. All had fun together and a good start into the friday night. After experiencing this course, we were offered to be part of the pub crawl for a very good price (because of paying for the beer experience, we only had to pay 5€ more per person). If you have no idea of where to go or if you just want to meet new people, take this one, too! Really! It was fun and you'll get some useful knowledge about the bars in Brussels. Greetings from Germany ;)