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Brussels / November 29, 2015

Location: USAG Benelux - Brussels is located on the Northeastern side of Brussels, about 5 minutes drive from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) headquarters, and one hour drive from Chievres Garrison near SHAPE (Belgium) and the US Army Garrison Shinnen (Netherlands). The city of Brussels is known as the "Capital of Europe." Not only does it host NATO Headquarters, but many of the principal entities of the European Union as well.

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Cost of Living: Brussels is a very expensive post because costs on the local economy are high.

Population: Presently over 2, 800 Service Members, Department of Defense and Department of State Civilians and their family members living in and around Brussels Belgium receive some form of administrative support from USAG Benelux - Brussels.

Area Population: 1, 139, 000

Base Transportation: A shuttle bus travels between the US Embassy, NATO and USAG Benelux - Brussels. For more information call 02/811-4000.

Child Care: Child and Youth Services provides hourly care for children six weeks to five years old from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. After you register your child, you can reserve a space in advance by calling 02 717-9651 (up to 30 days in advance). Full day child care is also available through a contracted partnership with local Belgian child care center near our site. Call 02-717-9651 for more information.

Schools: Families affiliated with the U.S. Department of Defense and the Department of State have the opportunity to send their children to DODDS - Brussels American School (K - 12); local Belgian Schools (Pre-School - 12 / Tuition Free); and, local International Schools (Pre-School - 12 / Tuition Required). Traffic does not come to a full stop when school buses are loading or unloading. Re-train your kids to this new, and fairly dangerous, situation!

Housing: Prior to receiving any housing assistance a copy of the assignment orders must be provided! Keep in mind that because of the complicated and sometimes tricky rental laws in Belgium, a very thorough briefing will be given. This briefing takes about two to two and a half hours and will be taken by appointment only. The USAG Benelux - Brussels Housing Services Office (HSO) maintains current listings of available housing in the area. The Housing Services Office pre-screens to ensure they are adequate quarters for Government employees. A Housing representative will meet with you upon arrival at the Housing Services Office, 011-32-2-717-9778.

Employment: The process of seeking and obtaining employment in Brussels is very similar to the process anywhere but jobs are very limited. As a U.S. citizen, employment in Brussels could be difficult but opportunities do exist. Because of Status of Forces Agreements, working on the economy requires a work permit and US personnel lose their eligibility for US employment if they work on the local Belgium economy. Therefore, most people rely on the U.S. Government as an employer. This type of employment for spouses and family members is not as plentiful in Brussels as in the larger commands in Germany.

Post Services:

Medical Services: The Brussels community has a U.S. military health clinic, the Brussels Army Clinic that offers basic outpatient service including primary routine and acute care, physical exams, and immunizations. There is also a pharmacy, routine lab, and X-ray services. There are two providers at the clinic. Currently, one is a civilian family practice physician and the other is a military family nurse practitioner. Patient care required beyond the capability of the Health Clinic is referred to Landstuhl Army Hospital in Germany or locally, Gasthuisberg in Leuven. For the Brussels Army Health Clinic, active duty soldiers have first priority for medical services and family members are the second priority. They are entitled to medical services, contingent upon the availability of facilities and the capabilities of the medical staff. Retired service members, their family members and family members of deceased retirees are provided services when facilities and staffing permit. Further information can be found by calling 011-32-2-686-1515.

Special Installation Messages:

  • For Service Members ID and Orders are required to enter the host country (please check with the "Foreign Clearance Guidance" and your HR Office). In addition, it is highly recommended that Service Members get a Tourist Passport before departing the USA so that they can start traveling.
  • Dependents need a "No-Fee" Passport (cannot be used for tourist travel). In addition, dependents must have a tourist passport for traveling purposes in Europe.
  • Service Members and Family Members (above age 18) must have a valid stateside driver's license. In addition, it is highly recommended that each driver obtains an International Driver's License prior to arrival in Belgium.
  • Requirements or restrictions on particular breeds of dogs, "dangerous breeds", within Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands apply. Please contact the Embassy of the country of interest or veterinary services for further information

Defense Service Network (DSN) Dialing Instructions

If you are already OCONUS, simply dial the DSN number. When dialing a DSN number to/from overseas locations, the DSN area code must be included. The DSN area code for Brussels is 314.