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National Botanic Garden of Belgium

Beautiful Places In Belgium / January 12, 2022

French Jardin Botanique National de Belgique, Flemish Nationale Plantentuin van België, consisting of the collections at Meise, on the outskirts of . The has about 18, 000 different of plants. Originally founded in 1870 on a 17-acre (7-hectare) site in the heart of Brussels, the botanical garden was gradually transferred after the mid-1960s to a magnificent estate at Meise, the Domaine de Bouchout. The world’s largest greenhouse, the Palace of Plants, has been constructed on the 230-acre (93-hectare) estate there. Within this vast glass complex covering 2.5 acres (1 hectare), 13 greenhouses are devoted to plant displays for the public and for students, with special attention given to tropical plants of commercial value, while 22 greenhouses are for research collections and 20 for service functions. The estate, which long served as a park around a castle, is beautifully landscaped. An , containing nearly 2, 000, 000 dried specimens, and a library collection of 150, 000 volumes have been moved to a new building at Meise. The research program of the National Botanical Garden has traditionally focused on the plants of tropical Africa as well as on those of Belgium.