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Facts About Belgium / June 13, 2017

schlagfix-coffee-creamer“What do you drink in your coffee?” is one of those recurring questions I see popping up on a regular basis on vegan groups. I’ll admit that I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but I go through phases where I do enjoy one cup a day. When I’m at home, I’ll happily whiten my coffee with almond milk, but I’m more likely to have my one cup a day when I’m out and about, either in the train on my way to work, or at work itself. For a long time after going vegan, I pretty much just got used to drinking my coffee black (with sugar) because the only places I would get coffee didn’t have a vegan option for whitening it.

Enter Schlagfix, a German company that seems to specialize in vegan dairy substitutes. They’ve made these little take-away coffee creamers that are easy to pop into your bag and have with you for anytime you might be someplace where coffee is on offer, but no plant milks are available. At 59 euro cents for a pack of ten, they’re pretty affordable, and, unlike some other plant milks, they don’t separate when they come into contact with the acid in the coffee. Because of the amount of packaging involved, they’re not something I would want to use every day, but they are really convenient for those of us who prefer a bit of cream in their coffee, and like a cup to go sometimes.

I ordered these at Shavt, and so far, that’s the only place I’ve found them in Belgium but they’re likely available at other vegan specialty stores, both bricks-and-mortar ones, and online.

Source: veganstuffinbelgium.wordpress.com